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2016 Update

Posted by rh@numu | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 24-07-2016


As I’m roasting on a hot Sunday evening, a thunderstorm is passing by making threatening noises. With doors and windows open, a cool breeze brings relief and the smell of fresh coffee fills the air. Sweet moment. The RNC just finished thier convention and the DNC is about to kick off tomorrow. Even though, they too, may be heated and issue threats as happened last week. A cup of coffee feeds an orphan in Haiti that is now 6yrs old. We vowed to support the victims in the 2010 earthquake–50,000 kids who lost their parents. Numu is now sponsoring a new child every month with support for the whole year due to coffee sales. So, in this heated and blustering moment, relax. Order and enjoy our specialty coffee and bring a breath of hope to those who have little. God bless!FEED ONE

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