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New Coffee Shop in Tulsa serving Numu Coffee!

Posted by rh@numu | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 16-05-2011


New coffee shop opening next week!

The Mocha Cafe will open next week at 4743 S. Union Ave in Tulsa OK 74107.  David Enkey and his wife are venturing out on a life long dream and chose Numu Coffee as their supplier.  Coffee served the first week will be Colombian, Brazilian, Sumatra, Yirgacheffe, and Guatemala Decaf.  Their espresso drinks will be based on Single Origin Espresso Reserve from Daterra Farms (Rainforest Alliance).  If you’re in the area go by and congratulate them, let them know your favorite coffee, and don’t be surprised if they have it on the menu the following week!  Blessings and good fortunes, David!  Thanks for selecting Numu Coffee!

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